What is Paleo? 

Since I am still fairly new to the paleo lifestyle, I don’t think I can explain it quite as well as others.  Check out these explanations from some of the best-known paleo bloggers Melissa Joulwan and Michelle Tam.  Dallas and Melissa Hartwig are also among the gurus and have information about eating paleo and/or doing a Whole30 on their website.

What should be on my shopping list?

This shopping list from Whole9 is permanently posted on my fridge.  It not only serves as a reminder about what groceries I need to buy, but also as a list of all the foods I should be incorporating in my diet.  It also serves as inspiration, displaying certain foods I might not have thought about cooking with before.

What do I need to consider when planning meals?

I use this meal plan template from Whole 9 when planning meals.  It serves as an excellent reminder of the types of food I need to consume as well as how much is necessary.

My favorite Paleo blogs & recipe sites:

Whole9– This site is packed with information, recipes, and articles.  It also has information about the Whole30.  Melissa and Dallas Hartwig are also the authors of It Starts with Food.

Nom Nom Paleo– Michelle Tam has some of my very favorite recipes.  Her step-by-step, user-friendly instructions and amazing photographs make all her recipes super easy to follow.  Her recipes are also Whole30 approved.

The Clothes Make the Girl– Melissa Joulwan also has some of my favorite recipes.  I like all of them, but those for dressings, sauces, and seasonings are among my favorites.

Instagram- Sometimes searching #paleo or #whole30 on Instagram gives me new ideas and inspiration.  Most users are happy to share their recipes and/or answer any questions.


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